Apr 12

Allen hex keys came with that printer package is too weak. I had ordered stronger allen hex keys on Amazon.


Easy to wear off when attempted to turn screws because nuts are too tight.

Apr 12

They are really not the best ones. 😉

I think owning good tools is one of those things on my list I should buy in the next couple of weeks...

Apr 13

i had 2 allens round off. But i have a belt grinder i used to fix the problem. ground them shorter. could use a file to do the same. then i started using multi tip screwdriver i got from home depot. the tips on it were hardened steel so they worked much better. i generally think of the tools given in product assembly packaging a courtesy. and get a thanks but no thanks. remember to perform quality workmanship you need 2 things to start quality material and quality tools. skills come with repetition of use of either of these

Thanks. I am now using multi-function screwdriver set because of hardened steel. It worked much better. Do not use pliers to hold nuts because nuts are too tight and could damage near components. Use nut drivers to hold nuts instead.

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  • Hi, I am attempting to complete Stage 10 Step 7. When I connect the control board to the computer USB port, I don't get any lights and the port doesn't show up in Arduino. I have tried 2 different computers, I have also tried connecting directly with the blue cable into the control board, rather than through the extension cable. With the same result. No lights showing. Directly connected and no lights. If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate trying them.
  • I am building the Proforge 2S with dual extruders and the heated bed upgrade and at stage 10, step 15 (https://makertech-3d.dozuki.com/Guide/Stage+10+-+Programming/15?lang=en) i see all 3 icons(heated bed, and both extruders) but only Extruder 2 shows the correct ambient temprature. Extruder 1 shows -15c and the heated bed show 166. To verify that the thermistors are working i tried to connect each and every one of them to the Extruder 2 pinout on the board and they all show their respective ambient tempratures, confirming that the thermistors work individually. However no matter what thermistor i connect to the other 2 connectors on the controller, i get no other reading. Do i have to enable something in the arduino code to enable the other ports on the controller? Someone suggested to swap the polarization of the sensors, but this left me with the same result. Additionally preheating the bed or any of the extruders does not change their temprature (using my fingers to feel if they get warm). I measured the powersupply and see good voltages. Has anyone else ran into this?
  • Look like I've got a dead servo. Tests failed on DSE Stage 07 - Switching Arm and Z-Offset I'll arrange for a replacement.