Jun 5

Extruder 2 on 255°C


me again... heh...


DSE Stage 09 - Heater Checks and Fan Shrouds


I'm a bit worried about the second extruder...

When I fed the PVA-filament into the second extruder, it immediately began to smoke with a very strong smell.

It seems as soon as I put the power on of the printer, extruder 2 goes to 255°C, while extruder 1 doesn't heat up.

In the preheating step I can warm up the first one perfectly, but the second extruder stays on 255°C, no matter what temperature I set, it won't cool down. It's nozzle turned a bit black... probably from the silver pva-filament I guess...


Am I doing something wrong?


Thx again :-)



Jun 16

* PLA-filament I mean (instead of the PVA)....

Jul 30Edited: Jul 30

in curra you can disable the nozzle. it will still heat up to the needed temp for the material being printed. but then in the printer touchscreen menu. you should be able to turn it off once you start the print. click Options the click Temp. in the bottom left click Extruder1 and it will change to Extruder2 at which point click the off. i've notice in the beginning of prints i've had to click it off at several points as something in the code/commads causes it to turn back on. after a few minutes of printing it will take the off command and stay off. usually after the first layer.


think the turning back on has something to do with the commands to up the speed of the fan after the first layer. not directly but perhaps all commands are reissued at that point and so it turns it back on

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