Apr 7

Fan Shrouds Hang Too Low


Can we get some STL files to print our own fan shrouds that are a bit narrower at the bottom? I'm having mine bottom out on the build plate before the nozzle does, even with the nozzle out ~2mm from the heater block - which is about as far out as I think it can go with how far in the throat can go and still make solid contact. Or other suggestions to deal with this?

Apr 8

I did also post this issue. The files of the shrouds will be released "soon". Before that we should remove them in order to print correctly...

Apr 14

Raised versions of the fan shrouds can be found here.

New Posts
  • Left the z calibration for another day and thought I'd try a benchy. I think I might have to check the temperature settings that I had on my proforge mk 1 as I think the ones for the mk2 might be too low for my filament. Lots of layer separation.
  • After taking an age to build it (health issues) I finally started printing tonight. Amazingly something appeared on the plate. Looks like I have some z calibration issues to sort out for the 2nd extruder, but all seems ok otherwise. Happy days.
  • i did finally make my printer work, but the print which should be round are more oval. Does anyone know why?