Apr 2

Filament Detection Switch Triggered


I'm attempting to do the first print, but whenever I choose the gcode file, I keep getting this message. I hit the confirm button, but it just pauses the print. If I hit the "play" button again to start the print, I get this message again, and if I hit okay, it pauses the print again.


What does this mean? How do I fix this?



1. I assume firstly that you have fed the filament in through the filament sensor and there is a green light shining on the top of the sensor.


2. Check the sensor wiring is connected to the correct position on the touch screen.


3. If you download again the firmware for the touch screen and before putting it onto the SD card open mks_config.txt with a text editor like notepad++ (or Atom on Mac). Scroll down to the line 55: ">cfg_PB1_trigger_Level:0" and change the 0 to a 1: ">cfg_PB1_trigger_Level:1".

Save the text file and copy ONLY the text file to the SD card. Power off your printer, insert the SD card and power back on. Wait for it to update and this should resolve the problem.

Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to have worked. It's still happening. I've tried going into the print menu with no filament loaded and loading it there as well just to see if it made a difference. I also triple checked the wires to make sure it was plugged in correctly. Could it be a separate issue with the 2S upgrade or the Dual Switching Extruder?


It also appears that I may have found a bug in the touch screen software: If I go to any of the sub-menus from the print screen (Move, Extrude,...) then, once the new screen loads, the software hangs and the only way to fix it is to power cycle the printer.



Do you think reinstalling any of the firmware could solve this?

Apr 3

I had the "same" issue and fixed it by switching the sensor cables.


Having the dual extruder/printhead upgrade (still waiting for the missing second extruder ensemble which wasn't shipped...) I installed both filament sensors and it seems I have connected the sensors the wrong way. I tested it with a little bit of filament running through the second sensor and the message has gone.

If you've installed and wired both filament sensors, you need both to have filament inside them (green light on) before starting a print.

Apr 3

Mhhh ... that is unfortunate. This means that you have always attached two rolls of filament or you have to solve it by the "trick" that I have described.

It is logical in theory or from the mechanical point of view, however, if it is defined in the gcode or the software that only hotend # 1 is used/needed, the other sensor should simply be ignored. Right?

@fg I'm not too worried about it, because you don't have to load the filament, you can just insert it through the sensor

Apr 3

@Ryan Andrews This may be true but although I am very new to 3D printing the one thing about filament I learned before even using a 3D printer is: keep your filament dry and clean. If I do have to always keep filament on the printer, this filament may not always be treated like this.


Like I wrote above: for me it seems to be more of a software problem as the logic behind it should be simple to implement.

Apr 3Edited: Apr 3


I had the same issue with Proforge 2S and dual extruders.

Just cut a piece of filament and insert it into the filament sensor to have a green light on both.

It should solve the problem until the firmware is improved and updated.

Apr 20

@Makertech Is there a software solution in the making?

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