Apr 6

Object got loose on the buildplate and moved


After a lot fo z-Axis calibration to make the print finally stick, I just noticed the object got loose and moved a bit. That of course ruined the print. When I tried again I noticed that now hardly filament comes out of the nozzle. The extruder "cracks"from time to time as it cannot forward the filament that fast. How do I


- a make the print stick to the buildplate

- b de-clog the nozzle?



I had an issue with the print sticking, im using the flex plates and what i have done to fix this issue is adding washable glue stick to the build surface. since its the removable flex plate makes cleaning it off easy since i can remove it. Glue stick works great and has helped a lot in keeping prints down.

I had this issue, so I adjusted the Z-Offset in Makertech Cura. The value I'm using presently is 0.4 and it seems to work very well for me. I have the flexplate upgrade as well. I did have to add some tape to the bottom of the flexplate and top of the normal build plate as well to prevent the flexplate from moving during printing.

New Posts
  • Left the z calibration for another day and thought I'd try a benchy. I think I might have to check the temperature settings that I had on my proforge mk 1 as I think the ones for the mk2 might be too low for my filament. Lots of layer separation.
  • After taking an age to build it (health issues) I finally started printing tonight. Amazingly something appeared on the plate. Looks like I have some z calibration issues to sort out for the 2nd extruder, but all seems ok otherwise. Happy days.
  • i did finally make my printer work, but the print which should be round are more oval. Does anyone know why?