Apr 1

Cura for Mac OS is corrupt


When trying to open the Makertech Cura, It is not opening. It is showing corrupt.

I've confirmed this on two separate Macbooks. BTW, this shows that I tried to open from the dmg. I also tried after copying from dmg to the app folder. the only difference was that is said move to trash.


is anyone having any luck opening the cure download?




This is a known issue, it needs updating on the build manual too, but it's showing this error because of the mac firewall, here's an article showing how to get around it.

that worked... running my first full benchy boat now. now just tweaking the belt and roller tension. but other than the fans, its amazingly quiet.

Oct 4

doesn't seem to work on my Catalina install anymore, any suggestions, or is there going to be a new release anytime soon?

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