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Has anyone had issues getting the y-axis offset calibrated on the dual head extruder? My single material prints are beautiful but the second nozzle is about +1mm off in the y and I have tried modding the offset in the firmware by 2mm and it is still the same, like it had little to no effect. Is there anything else I have to adjust to make it take? I already adjusted my z-offset with great success.





Jun 16Edited: Jun 16

Did you modify the firmware to enable EEPROM? I was having the same issue since the EEPROM settings being loaded were overriding my firmware changes. Either do an M502 to load from configuration.h and redo all your changes, or skip the firmware and do M218 T1 Y#.## to change it from console commands and then M500 to save to EEPROM. This is also generally easier to dial it in since there's no reflashing the firmware to get it where you really want it.


Edit: Are you sure you are referring to the Hotend_Offset_Y and not Hotend_Offset_Z? The build manual only has you set Z, and X/Y are done in Cura during calibration prints.

Thanks! Yes, I did when I was experimenting with the octoprint gcode commands because reflashing takes forever. I think the only thing I haven't copied into the eeprom from the config file is this setting so I will try that tonight.

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  • Is there any way to configure this to display current activity? As in showing X,Y and Z position and possibly Layer height, plus fan and temps? After setup, it is fairly useless during printing. My other printer uses Ramps and larger display, the active print info is displayed.
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