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All of the components used on the Proforge 2/2S and its upgrades are opensource and the majority of which are off-the-shelf and readily available to buy right now on sites like Ebay and Aliexpress.

All custom parts will have their official manufacturing blueprints published on the Downloads section of the site once Kickstarter units begin shipping.


Detailed assembly instructions with high res images guide you through every step of the way, making building your Proforge easy and fun!

Assembling the Proforge 2 and 2S from the kit gives you a great education on 3D printing and your machine, knowledge that will come in handy later for upgrades and maintenance.

And if you're ever in doubt post a comment directly under the step your having problems with and we'll be sure to get back to you!

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A 3D Printer would not be complete without user friendly slicing software.

We've built onto the leading CURA Slicer profiles and print settings tailored specifically for the Proforge 2/2S.

Simply load your model, prepare and save it to the SD card and begin printing!


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An official community space to discuss all things related to 3D Printing and the Proforge 3D Printer.


*1 Year Warranty on all components.

We rigureously test and quality control to ensure you recieve high quality components that function the way they were intended to.

However in the slim case you do recieve a faulty part or one that was damaged in transit we'll send out a replacement for you right away for up to an entire year after your purchase!

*Terms and Conditions Apply


If UPS can get there, we'll ship it there!

We use UPS internation shipping to get your printer to you safe and fast.

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