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Andrew Garner
Sep 04, 2019
I'm having some success with modifying the "Start G-code" which Cura adds to the start of every file I print. I'm storing each change I make on GitHub at If anyone does use this (and everyone is welcome to do so) please make sure to change or remove the first two commands, which are for PID tuning (M301) and extrusion calibration (M92) and will be specific to my printer. If you don't know what these are yet you're best off removing them, but if you're having any issues printing then it'd be well worth reading the links above and tuning these settings yourself. The main change to the G-code so far is not to heat the nozzle until after the autoleveling is complete. This helps with the oozing and squidging back onto the nozzle but not necessarily with getting a good clean flow of filament before starting the print brim. I found this Ultimaker forum post about autobed leveling while nozzle bed heats up, I've not pre-heated the nozzle to 140 as I was reading that the actual glass point for PLA, the temperature at which it starts to melt, is around 60 degrees and I'm after reliability for now not speed. The last line of code " G1 F1500 X290 E15 ;Prime Hotend" should print a line of filament along the X axis of the heated bed, but the E number here, which is the amount of filament extruded during the movement) is really not ideal. I'm working on drawing some very low 3d shapes in the region of 0.2mm high which I can place in Cura alongside my actual print so hopefully I get all the lumps and problems out of the way well away from my actual print. NB. If anyone does edit the G-code it's worth using the Marlin documentation to understand every command. I crashed my nozzle into the print bed more times than I care to admit before realising I'd moved the G92 (Z offset) to the top of the file, to make it easier to edit, and this setting gets wiped out by the G28/G29 homing and autoleveling commands.

Andrew Garner

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