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Dual Switching Extruder Upgrade
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Apr 19, 2019
Hi Adeel, I think you can adding Degausser Magnet Solenoid on your DSE. This Magnet act as Servo Brake that hold the Hotend from switching, so your servo can be deactivated for lenghten servo life time. You can get it here : Default Magnet is active when no Powering (Magnetizing). When it powered, magnet is not active (Demagnetizing). You need add 1 output pin from MKS that connected to 1 Relay for operate 2 Magnet solenoid, left one and right one (output Relay is COM, NO and NC contact. Use NO contact for powering Left Magnet Solenoid, NC contact for powering Right Magnet Solenoid. When output pin is HIGH, Left Magnet is ON, Right Magnet is OFF. When output pin is LOW, Left Magnet is OFF, Right Magnet is ON). Or you can add 2 output pins and 2 Relays so Magnet can be operated independently. This is Switching sequence you can make in program. Switching Hotend 1 to Hotend 2 : 1. Power On left magnet (demagnetize left magnet) so Hotend 1 can move freely. 2. Power Off Right magnet (magnetize right magnet). 3. Activate the servo to switching Hotend 1 to Hotend 2. 4. When Hotend 2 has touched the Right magnet, deactivate servo. Servo only powered when switching process, other than that servo is powered off. Magnet Solenoid only powered (Demagnetized) when switching process, other than that magnet is powered off (Magnetized). By this method, you can save power consumption and servo life time can be lengthen. This method is used in all typical industrial servo motor that using solenoid brake to hold motor position when there is no power / in idle position. I attached the picture so you can understand my concept. Maybe you can add more idea or suggest about this,
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