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Arjen Smit
Aug 15, 2020
In Assembly
I managed to get the printer up and running with the single extruder. But getting the cable through the splitter is rather hard cause the cable needs to enter the splitter at specific curve to be able to come out of the other end. While printing with both extruders this causes an issue because the second extruder won't be able to wiggle the second filament through the splitter. Anyone got any suggestions how this can be solved ? I have been taking it apart multiple time and I'm not sure what's setup incorrectly.
Arjen Smit
Jul 29, 2020
In AXIS 3D Printer
When extending the cables is it required to use the specific AWG values for each cable or is it just a minimum to be used. The guide says use AWG24 & AWG28 I converted that to mm2 and got 0.50 mm2 and 0.35mm2 (I really hope that is correct). so the question would actually be can I use 0.50mm2 for both?

Arjen Smit

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