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Problems setting up printer
In AXIS 3D Printer
Oct 10, 2020
So small update: I think my board is messed up because my second extruder won't work at all whether I use the TMC2208 or A4988 driver (and yes I did double check cables/jumpers/etc). Extruder 1 works fine. Also one of the PTFE Tube coupler things was too narrow and wouldn't let filament pass through so there's that as well. So in response: >> I think that's normal when changing from A4988 to TMC2208 drivers Yes but this was taking into account the TMC2208 inverts in firmware >> The important thing is where pin 1 is on each end. The connector could be orientated correctly but still the cable could be assembled in the wrong way Like I said the cables were fine (at least for me) I compared them to other cables I had and they were exactly the same just shorter. The other cables also didn't work withj this. I cut the tabs as instructed and this worked. >> Agreed. The use of plastic guides is because they are most likely cheaper than real bearings yeah this is the biggest "why so cheap" gripe. *sigh* oh well. >> Same as above, would make the printer more expensive. You could print belt tensioners yourself or there are also some spring-like to buy from shops. Or they could have provided those spring things (they're super cheap to buy in bulk on their end) >> Agreed, but again, the printer would probably be more expensive - but, maybe one would also say that it could have been cheaper with all the things one had to do themself I think some of the other things are nitpicks but this is a hard stop: no "kit" should ask for soldering or super precise cutting; one of the reasons of buying a kit vs a DIY build is don't have to worry as much about machining/super precision. Usually soldering by the end user voids any warranty. Also, from past noob experience, clogs on the nozzle, hotend, PTFE tube interface are super common and annoying and this is one thing that having some of it pre-assembled would have helped with some of the frustrations both current and potential. >> I guess that's also pretty common in that price range to print some accessories yourself - at least those things are not essential for using the printer. Sure printing the rasp pi camera plate is optional kind of (but they also provided the front plate so why only give one side?) but the blower fan should have been provided. Hell printing in PLA almost requires a part cooling fan and taking off the lock nuts just to install the fan is super annoying. Luckily I had another printer to print the cooling fan (but likely has some smoothing issues that could potentially cause turbulence inside). >> That's strange. The manual was also not well written in this regard as it would been a lot easier to first install the drivers on the board and only after that installing the board into the printer housing. Yeah drivers should have been installed prior to screwing down the board. Now I know! But yeah it's weird I can't get the second extruder to work so waiting on a response from them. Also having the user figure out how to install marlin is asking a bit much; luckily for me I have some rudimentary experience building it via platformio/vscode (which is easier).


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