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Russell Forrest
Aug 14, 2020
In General Discussion
This is what the printer is producing at the moment. You can see the dead spot in the skirt on the hull where I believe the platform is uneven and is too close to the nozzle for the pla to come out. There is enough skirt that sticks to hold it for the second layer which is the actual model. I used a raft but that was really thick and a pain to remove. I just watch my placement on the platform in cura. A few blobs on a few areas but they sort themselves out.
Printing 1:100 tanks content media
Russell Forrest
Aug 13, 2020
In 3D Printing
I ran 5 jobs yesterday making tank parts and it went well except the front of the print started to lift so a little blue tape to hold it down go the job done. Today the Y Axis only goes 90% of the way out and the X axis only goes 50% before they slip. I can run the X and Y axis all the way using the Ponterface controls but when it moves by itself (auto levelling or print jobs) it slips when it gets to 90/50% respectively. Edit - Little vegetable oil on the guide edges seems to have done the trick.

Russell Forrest

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