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Bill Harmon
Apr 06, 2019
In General Discussion
I've got my 2s setup as a single extruder for now. I've had one successful calibration cube print, but when trying to print the benchy. I'm have issues with layer shifting. at first, I thought it was the belts were not tight enough, tightening them seemed to help, but I'm still experiencing layer shifting. I think there are two issues, the first is getting the correct tension on the belts. and two, getting the correct motor driver voltage setting. anyone have any pointers?
Bill Harmon
Apr 01, 2019
In Makertech CURA
When trying to open the Makertech Cura, It is not opening. It is showing corrupt. I've confirmed this on two separate Macbooks. BTW, this shows that I tried to open from the dmg. I also tried after copying from dmg to the app folder. the only difference was that is said move to trash. is anyone having any luck opening the cure download?
Cura for Mac OS is corrupt content media

Bill Harmon

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