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Guillaume Vdd
Apr 14, 2019
In Dual Switching Hotend v1
After having made a first calibration print, I tried to make a new one with adjuted parameters but the servo is no more working. It was no more able to turn to select the Hotend #1. So, I turned off the printer and made again the calibration procedure for the servo. I discovered that it can turn to select the Hotend #2 but it can no more turn in the other way. Is the servo already broken? How can I solve this problem?
Guillaume Vdd
Apr 02, 2019
In First Print
I made several printing tests with different settings. Finally, I think to have found a quite good setting but there is still an issue. I don't know why only one half of the model is printed. See picture attached showing some printing tests. I checked the Y axis. The hotend can easily move from one end to the other on the gantry manually or using the "move option" on the touch screen. I wonder if there is some mistake in the .gcode but I don't know how to check. How can I fix this problem ?
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Guillaume Vdd

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