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Rene Janeke
Apr 13, 2019
In Assembly
Heated bed reads as -15 on the touch screen, there is a red led light (D2) shining on the mosfet and on the electronic board. Chaning the temperature on the touch screen does nothing. Rechecked all the wiring could not find anything wrong with the connections. The servo that switches between the hotends is not working, the initial press of button 3 worked and then the switch to hotend 2 by pressing button 2 worked, but now it is not working, pressing button 1 and 3 does nothing and button 2 makes a buzzing noise. Hotend 2 does not heat up, when trying to change the temperature of hotend 2 nothing on the touch screen works anymore, motion checks no longer work etc. I have to switch the printer off and then on again for anything else to work again. The extruder for hotend 1 is also not working, nothing happens when trying to extrude. The green light of the filament sensor is working but the extruder motor does not work. I have rechecked all the wiring an can't find anything wrong.

Rene Janeke

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