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Matthew Claycomb
Apr 07, 2019
In Marlin Firmware
I have the Proforge 2S and have completed all installation steps up to Stage 10, as I cannot get the control board to show as a serial port. When I have the USB connected, the red LED on the control board is solid on, and blue blinks for a moment with the initial boot. In addition to that, the X and Y end stops do turn on their LED when triggered, so I know power is transferring. I have attempted this with two different computers, both running up-to-date Windows 10 and the latest driver downloads from the website, although neither register the device as anything, let alone a serial port. I have used the provided USB cable and one of my own both through the extender to the back of the printer base and directly into the control board. Does anyone have any ideas on what to try now?

Matthew Claycomb

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