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Peter Vanderborght
Apr 28, 2019
In First Print
Since my Proforge 2S arrived a few weeks ago, my son and I have been using most of our spare time to put it together. It started with a pretty good going build until we realized the build platform was bent. Still we kept building to make sure everything was fine before asking for replacement parts. We were missing some T-Nuts, but next day delivery on Amazon fixed that ;-) Then one of the print fans had a loose wire and we got stuck and requested replacement parts. A good week later, the replacement fan arrived together with the advice to manually bend the build platform. So I put the platform in the oven (yes, oven) at 250C, with 9KG of lead weights (I'm a diver, so got plenty of soft lead) on top. Left it there for 15min and then let it cool with the oven closed. Result is a reasonably flat build platform (I still want the stronger one with built-in heating), so we're back in the game. I got some of the 3M heat resistant tape (F9460PC) and firmly stuck the build platform to the heat bed... which seems to hold for now. We finished the build and in total excitement, we powered up... All went great for the first few steps until the touchscreen didn't want to turn on. We tried a different SD card to no avail and then , but luck, noticed a pin on one of the unused connectors on the touchscreen board was bent and touching the pin next to it. We straightened that out and continued on. Even the servo seemed to work... until we got to the point where we needed to test filament extrusion (DSE Stage 9 - 5) and noticed we could switch from HE1 to HE2, but when switching back to HE1 the servo only moved about 1cm instead of all the way. But we could turn it by hand and continue (HE1 -> HE2 keeps on working normally). Then we go for first print and get into the usual issues: * Messed up first layer * Clogged up nozzle * Print getting loose halfway through But we kept fiddling with the settings (correct Z-offset is mandatory) and managed to print our lowered shrouds (btw, this post is a life saver: ): For the first 3D print in our life, I think the result is quite good, but I would like to hear from the experts if you would be happy or what can be improved? Settings we used: * Temperature: 210C * Bed temp: 60C * Print speed: 40mm Now we just need a replacement servo and we can try two-color printing. It's been a powerful journey and we've learned a lot... looking forward to dive into 3D modeling and printing more. Peter
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Peter Vanderborght

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