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Carsten V
Jan 15, 2021
In 3D Printing
Hey folks, so I repaired my axis with the spareparts and it prints again. In addition I’m using the dryer from Sunlu. 1) What do you guys thing of the first layer? Is it fine like this? 2) Unfortunately I‘m not sure what is wrong. As you can see on the pictures there are some holes on each side. I checked for underextrusion, but twisting and changing the position of the spool wouldn‘t improve the quality. I also tried lowering the Z-Offset, but nothing really helped. 3) As you can see on the flexplate the nozzle is leaving some marks :/. It seems like if the build plate is moving towards the left side (looking from the front) it gains some angle (see attached pictures). Can someone tell me which screw i need to tighten in order to remove that angle? Or is it related to something else?
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Carsten V
Oct 29, 2020
In Assembly
Hello, I finally was able to remove most of the Z-Wobble and proceeded with the build manual. I accidently checked the second Z Value from the in Stage 9 Step 22/23 and put M206 Z440 and saved that to the printer. When I started the first print the printer rammed the head into the flex plate leaving a tiny mark so I immediately turned off the printer. If I now go back to Stage 9 Step 22 the initial value of the first Z-Value is 360 and not 0 as it should be. How can I fix that?

Carsten V

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