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Samantha Kahn
Sep 10, 2020
In AXIS 3D Printer
I have the entire build completed, double- and triple-checked everything to make sure it works right, got the firmware and software installed and running (took a while and a lot of frustration) and everything working. However, I somehow cannot get the printer to actually work. I have the Benchy first print set up, on the SD card, and loaded into the printer. When I have it start the print, it goes to the 0:0 coordinates, makes a very strange ticking noise, and then flails around for a while. It seems to think it's printing, but it's not actually touching the print surface or extruding. It does extrude just fine, I've tested that already. Any and all help would be very welcome, video included so you can see what's happening.

Samantha Kahn

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