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Steve Bennett
Mar 31, 2022
In Proforge 3 General Discussion
I've made some alterations to my fan mount. The main change I had to make was to trim 3mm off the top edge because it was touching the top edge of the case before the home sensor. Everything seems to be seated correctly. For now, I've trimmed it by hand (the removed material seems to be entirely cosmetic) The other change that I've made is to widen the channel at the back - I'm running the single extruder right now, and I had a couple of failures where the PTFE tube bent and popped out of the extruder, so I found a piece of tube to reinforce the PTFE so that it can't bend. Again, I've trimmed the existing fan mount by hand (I think I've weakened the structure, but not by much). It would be really nice to print a new mount that has my modifications. I'm sure I read in the Kickstarter notes that this printer was "fully open source", but the only models I can find for the printed parts are STL, which isn't really a source format. Are the real source files available? I use OpenSCAD, but I guess any format would be better than STL. At a push I think I can use the STL as a starting point, but it seems like unnecessary effort if I'm just looking in the wrong places.

Steve Bennett

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