Apr 12

bad layers


with recommended or custom settings i have this results....


as you see in first photo this is not a heated bed issue


any ideas ????


Apr 12

Nozzle too close to bed or bed level issues

I have calibrated several times. As you see in first photo i have the same problem in every height. what you mean with bed level issues ?

Apr 13

@andrew arzoglou it seems that the filament sticking onto the printbed is more on the right side than on the left side. Therefore the distance between nozzle and printbed does not so seem equal on both sides.

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Apr 14

@andrew arzoglou


From the first photo it looks like you are over extruding filament, try reducing the extrusion rate in cura for better layer quality.


Also for the first layer, I'd recommend printing in the centre of the bed, and also using the raft setting in cura.

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  • Left the z calibration for another day and thought I'd try a benchy. I think I might have to check the temperature settings that I had on my proforge mk 1 as I think the ones for the mk2 might be too low for my filament. Lots of layer separation.
  • After taking an age to build it (health issues) I finally started printing tonight. Amazingly something appeared on the plate. Looks like I have some z calibration issues to sort out for the 2nd extruder, but all seems ok otherwise. Happy days.
  • i did finally make my printer work, but the print which should be round are more oval. Does anyone know why?