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Matteo Gennari
Nov 07, 2019
In General Discussion
I'm trying to raise to 130° (planning to print pom-c) but it goes up to 100° and then stops: (Error: Heating failed, system stopped! Heater_ID: bed - Printer halted. kill() called!) Has anyone tested the max temperature heated bed can reach? It's due to hardware limit?
Matteo Gennari
Jun 04, 2019
In General Discussion
Ok, maybe a little of drama in the title but, after a 50+ hours print and in total something like 3kgs of PLA printed, Z probe is failing. As you can see in the pics, it works well when Y is in in the back and stops working past half of the travel. Cable issue maybe? Need to replace the probe?
Probe sudden death? content media
Matteo Gennari
Apr 11, 2019
In First Print
Ok, let's be serious, no matter what stl, all i get printed is something very similar to what is in the shot. Using Cura Makertech edition v3.6, standard reccomended settings or custom doesn't make any difference. Re-uploaded marlin firmware with no luck. I'm sure it's a software problem but i lack of ideas. Thanks for attention.
Find the differences content media
Matteo Gennari
Apr 04, 2019
In Assembly
As per title, when in tools->Move->X+ the motor activates only once. Any other X+ or X- command gives no feedback. I need to power off and on again to move x-axis again, but ofc only once. I suppose cable connection is ok or it would not move at all. Proforge 2s (if it makes any difference). Thanks for help

Matteo Gennari

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